70th anniversary

Superior service, repair and replacement of electric motors, generators and pumps. Submersible, vertical turbine and other waste water pumps. Sevicing fans and blowers, variable frequency drives and controls. Testing, repair and replacement of switchgear to ensure smooth effective power usage from line to load. 24-7 Emergency response in the Northeast.

Home Artwork
AC & DC Motors and Generators
Centrifugal & Vertical Turbine Pumps
Switchgear & Transformers
Circuit Breaker Retrofitting
Fans & Blowers Blance and Repair
VFD's & Controls
Cooling Towers Repairs & Service
UltraSound/Laser Alignment
Relay/Breaker Testing
Windpower & Solar Generators
24 Hour Crane Truck

HOMA Pumps
HOMA These exceptional pumps are now available through Longo. HOMA pumps are direct replacements for the most widely used pumps in the country. Uniquely high inventory means delivery in 5-7 days not weeks or months! When you need highest quality replacement pumps and you need them now...you need HOMA pumps.


     NEW!        Fan Motor Blown Away
New employment opportunities
24/7 emergency service for all electrical mechanical situations
The Longo Story

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