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  Motor Sales
Longo can supply electric motors from 5 hp up to 10,000 hp. When you need a motor NOW for immediate replacement or emergency ...Longo stocks motors up to 250 hp. Longo's motor expertise can also facilitate the retrofit of new energy efficient motors to match the motor specifications, the footprint, centerline and other dimensions of your site. Longo field service teams can deliver, remove and install your motors, 24/7 if needed.

Longo provides a full range of motors:
  • Above NEMA Motors · Open Drip Protected NEMA Motors
  • NEMA Vertical Motors · Synchronous Motors
  • Medium Voltage Motors to 6,000 HP
  • Single-Phase · DC · Metric · Gear · Explosion Proof
  • DC · Wound Rotor · Brake · Permanent Magnet Motors
  • Generators

    Motor Service
    Qualified mechanics dismantle, inspect, repair, rewind and assemble a range of motors and generators. As an ISO 9001 we follow rigorous detail oriented repair plans designed to produce the highest quality and most reliable repairs. Testing and inspection is an integral part of our extensively documented repair procedures.

    Our 4 plants are equipped and staffed to accommodate:
  • Motor and generator repair including rewinding, bearing replacement, balancing, and alignment
  • Rewinding/redesign up to to 15,000 HP
  • Hydrogenerators to 30MW
  • Turbogenerators to 100MW.
  • Rewinding random wound small motors to 13 KV formed coil windings
  • Vacuum Impregnation (VPI) with (Temperflex) resin
    • Generators

    Siemens - US Motors - Weg - Baldor - TECO

    Find unexpected deals...
    Longo on Craigslist
    Change orders, job cancellations, etc. and we end up with motors and equipment on the shelf. Our Small Motor Division has decided to put them up on Craigslist, at a great discounted price! The equipment choices will change periodically so please check our listings weekly as we add new items.

    motor To see what we have available contact our Small Motor Division Manager, Cathy Hughes, at chughes@elongo.com or call 973-537-0400, extension #777 or #717 for the latest availability...and deep discount pricing...
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