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What's New Sandra
Providing more at the shore!

Longo's commitment to the Central Jersey Region is stepping up. with the appointment of Sandra L. Cherry as Longo Field Sales Representative.

We're excited to have Sandra as a part of our sales team. Her wide range of industrial application experience is definitely a resource you can draw on. Sandy brings 25 plus years of domestic and export sales experience to the position. She has hands-on experience with various products and services such as bearings, power transmission and telecommunications equipment, electrical components and industrial chemical products. She attended Somerset County College for Business Administration and Rutgers for Marketing and Market Analysis.

Sandra L. Cherry can be reached at 732-887-0594 or

Newark Airport
Back on track...something a little different

This project consists of rebuilding 133 gearboxes for the Newark Airport Tramrail system. Each car has seven gearboxes driven by 50 HP DC motor. We are given seven of the gearboxes at one time and must turn them around in one month. The rebuilding includes new gears, bearings, seals, etc. Although the work is fairly complex we experienced in gearbox repair.

In addition to the rebuilding of the gearboxes, we will remove the DC Motor and replace it with an AC motor and a VFD. The complexity and attention to details are vital . The customer has supplied a 51 page specification manual and following the manual is mandatory.