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Longo Authorized as UL 508 Listed Control Panel Manufacturer

Longo is proud to announce that, as of July 2018, we have earned official authorization as a UL 508 Listed panel shop, allowing us to apply the widely recognized UL Mark on all industrial control panels we manufacture. Our hope is that this latest distinction will provide our customers with added confidence in their custom control panels, knowing that they are designed, constructed and underwritten according to the standards set forth by UL.

As part of the authorization process, Longo was asked to demonstrate our expertise in panel construction, and our team was required to complete a class on how to operate in compliance with UL requirements. Moving forward, each time we manufacture a new custom control panel, not only will it have to pass the strict quality control standards we’ve always enforced at Longo, it will also be tested to ensure it fulfills all UL.

Requirements – including the minimization of all product risks that can be reasonably foreseen. Now that we have earned the prestigious UL listing authorization, we are able to bid on and construct industrial control panels ranging from simple sump pump controls to extremely large SCADA control systems – all of which are backed by the same respected UL Mark. Our next step is to get UL listing authorization for more complex control panels that are able to send and receive signals to hazardous locations. While Longo has always remained committed to manufacturing safe, quality electrical products, earning UL listing authorization is simply the next step in our control panel development and construction evolution.