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Project Spotlight: Brookdale Deep Well Pumps

Often times, the cost of repairing old technology is so great – both in terms of the parts and labor needed to complete the job – that starting over and updating the entire system is a more beneficial option in the long run. That was exactly the case at Brookdale Community College in Lincroft, N.J., where their old deep well pumps needed fixing and required a series of costly repairs.

In Brookdale’s case, the old pumps were prone to clogging easily, and the shaft line bearings had begun to wear out frequently. So rather than continuing to make the same repairs over and over again, Longo was called in to remove and retrofit the pumps instead. Pump technology has advanced quite a bit over the years, and new submersible shredder pumps are able to grind anything that can conceivably be thrown into the pit. Plus, there are no shaft line bearings that can wear prematurely.

To begin the project, Longo technicians removed the antiquated deep well pumps and then installed four new BJM Industrial Submersible shredder pumps, which are known for their ability to efficiently rip, tear and break up plastics, metals and fibrous solids by way of a high-torque, four-pole motor. Their impellers, with hard, sharpened tungsten carbide “teeth,” shred solids against the suction plate teeth. These pumps are ideal for locations like Brookdale, where lift pumps tend to encounter all sorts of debris and garbage that can clog normal pumps.

The new pumps – two in each of the college’s two pits – also required the installation of a new duplex control panel, as well as some re-piping by our technicians to accommodate the new design and modification of the pit covers.

Now that the project is complete, Brookdale has been set up with a brand new, state-of-the-art pumping system that is expected to require far fewer repairs than the old system, and provides a much greater return on investment.