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Case History:
Oh don't bother with those, they are new!

A major pharmaceutical company had contracted Longo to perform thermal imaging studies of all their electrical equipment. They understood, as many companies are learning, that heat imaging can often find an electrical connection problem or a variety of other problems before they create a catastrophic failure.

With the words, "not those..." ringing in his ear the thermographer had already begun to scan the unit. "If this is a new unit, you have a new problem," the tech called out as the thermal imaging was picking up sure signs of a malfunction in this brand new unit. The imaging had located a thermal anomaly in a fuse clip. A Thermographic inspection will assist in the prevention of equipment failure by detecting and measuring abnormal temperature signatures of selected electromechanical equipment. As part of a Predictive Maintenance Program, evaluating the operating condition of such equipment, locating potential problems, and determining the severity of their condition, you will be able to schedule repairs rather than wait for outages and failures to occur.

Personnel safety is also increased. This service is minimally invasive and, under most circumstances, production can continue uninterrupted; only panel covers have to be removed to obtain a clear scan of the equipment. Electrical distribution system failures are among the most prevalent types of equipment breakdown losses. Such failures are often the result of loose wiring, dirt or moisture in connections and other parts. This can result in electrical arcing, overheating or even fire. This case illustrates when it comes to electrical components, new or old, it is important to inspect them on a regular basis.

Our technicians are certified by Academy of Infrared Thermography in addition to their substantial field

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