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TI isn't the answer...it just raises a lot of good questions.

Thermal imaging is becoming a valuable tool in not just disaster prevention, but in diagnosis and even in production planning as well. Obviously, the first concern is possible damage and dangerous fire conditions that thermal imaging can uncover, but there is more to thermal imaging, much more. Periodic imaging sessions provide a baseline of information that can be used to evaluate and schedule maintenance, suitability of components and help determine longevity and wear. As changes are noticed over time they can and will determine how long it will be until specific components reach the point where they need to be replaced. This can avoid the chaos when systems go down, production halts and, depending on the situation, permanent damage.

As with many high tech evaluation tools, the skill of the operator has become increasing vital to achieving clear and documentable results. Longo technicians have both classroom and on-the-job experience to correctly determine the hundreds of subtleties and color shifts. In addition to performing sound, accurate and documentable imaging, Longo technicians also have the know-how to offer preliminary recommendations and suggestions depending on the faults or possible failures that are found. A follow-up by a Lesco technician after repairs is excellent precaution against out-of-the-box component failures as well as any stress occuring when new components are introduced into existing systemsl.

Safe, secure and predictable equipment is the keystone to any profitable facility and Longo can help make that happen. Add to this vibration and oil analysis for a complete understanding of where your equipment stands today and where it is headed tomorrow.

Every year undiscovered electrical problems create havoc in businesses across the country. The aftermath of one is shown above. Don't place your business, your equipment and your personnel at risk for a result like this one.

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