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Thermal Imaging (TI)

TI isn't the answer...it just raises a lot of good questions

Thermal imaging is becoming a valuable tool in not just disaster prevention, but in diagnosis and even in production planning as well. Obviously, the first concern is possible damage and dangerous fire conditions that thermal imaging can uncover, but there is more to thermal imaging, much more.

Periodic imaging sessions provide a baseline of information that can be used to evaluate components and schedule maintenance help determine longevity and wear. As changes are noticed over time they can and will determine how long it will be until specific parts reach the point where they need to be replaced. This can avoid the chaos of systems going down, production halts and, depending on the situation, permanent damage.

As with many high tech evaluation tools, the skill of the operator has become increasingly vital in achieving clear and documentable results. Longo technicians have both classroom and on-the- job experience to correctly determine the hundreds of subtleties and color shifts.

In addition to performing sound, accurate and documentable imaging, Longo technicians also have the know-how to offer preliminary recommendations and suggestions depending on the fault or possible failures that are found. A follow-up by our technician after repairs is an excellent precaution against out-of-the-box component failures. It can also determine any stress occurring when new components are introduced into an existing system. Safe, secure and predictable equipment is the keystone to any profitable facility. Longo can help make that happen. Add to this vibration and oil analysis for a complete understanding of where your equipment stands today and where it is headed tomorrow.

Call us now at 973-537-0400 ext: 3 and let us show you how to avoid dangerous situations, costly oversights and how long and how hard you can push your equipment Longo, your complete resource for energy control and maintenance.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation With Temperflex

VPI or Vacuum Pressure Impregnation provides windings with protection against outside contamination and the internal stresses from torque and vibration. The epoxy coating, Temperflex®, is a proprietary epoxy formula designed to meet Longo's engineering specifications. It is neither too brittle nor too soft, but just the right amount of flexibility to allow the winding to stay intact under shock loading (startup) while also rigid enough to provide full protection.

The pressurization forces the epoxy into even the smallest void eliminating the possibility of corona or any moisture or dirt entering the windings which can deteriorate the winding.

The process is a combination of vacuum and pressure with strict controls over time and pressures. After the motor has been rewound with "green" or untreated coils, it is heated and placed into the VPI tank. A dry vacuum cycle of prescribed length is introduced, typically 1-2mm (Hg). The windings are then submerged in the solventless Temperflex® epoxy resin.

The time the vacuum is held is determined by the size of the stator, voltage, and core parameters. The tank is then pressurized up to 90 psi for a period of time again determined by motor parameters. The result is the epoxy not merely coats the windings, but it is drawn in and pushed into all the voids encasing the windings in a complete protective coating.

The benefits of the Longo Temperflex® system are:

  • Increase in the voltage breakdown level (even under water) NEMA MG1-20.18.1
  • Proven water submergence duty system
  • Increased resistance to winding surges and severe torque generated on startup
  • Windings remain cooler; efficiency improves
  • Improved resistance to moisture, dirt and chemicals

Vibration Information Management

Make sure your rotating equipment isn't on shaky ground!

Vibration is a by-product of an ailing machine or operating condition and, if left unchecked can result in wasted energy, the need for major repairs, or even worse, catastrophic breakdowns. Fortunately Longo's program not only detects these critical problem areas, but can spot potential problems while they can still be corrected during routine maintenance...

Some common sources of vibration:

  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Eccentricity
  • Bent shaft
  • Shaft cracks
  • Mechanical looseness
  • Journal bearing faults
  • Rotor rub
  • Cavitation
  • Electrical motor problems
  • Gear faults
  • Rolling element bearing faults

Since Longo data is quantitative it lends itself to computer trending and forecasting so you get a clear picture of the condition your equipment is in today...and where it is headed tomorrow.

Vibration analysis is a non-destructive test that does not affect machine operation or interfere with production scheduling. In fact, testing requires the machinery to be operating.

Each report combines the expertise of our certified technicians and their sophisticated equipment along with real world data on the age, history and environment of the machinery.

When machines and their components are running right they work in harmony. If just one of these elements begins to wear or is damaged, it puts stress on the entire drive line. If repairs or replacements are not implemented, the other components can begin to fail as well. Frequent periodic vibration analysis of your equipment exposes potential faults and trends that will allow you plan timely repairs and replacements during regularly scheduled maintenance, avoiding catastrophic breakdowns.

Simply put the benefits of VIM are:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Reduced downtime for repairs
  • Prevent damage and expensive repairs
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Safety

Call us now at973-537-0400 ext.: 3 for more detailed information on the Longo VIM® program as well as a complete Predictive Maintenance Program. Longo, your complete resource for energy control and maintenance.

Variable Frequency Drives

Save time, money, and your nerves with Longo's "line to load" capability. Unlike traditional procedures where electricians install the VFD's and then control specialists sort out the electricians' work, Longo does it all. Longo has the experience and resources to understand the relationships involved between voltage, power, torque and all the other critical variables. From there we choose the correct installation site and procedure to ensure a minimum of interference.

Longo can provide the drives, softstarts and combination starters for low and medium voltage units for all applications. We also provide the vital expertise to ensure the installations meet your expectations of reliability and performance.

While reaping the benefits of VFD's appears straightforward, the installation does require attention to detail. Poorly designed applications or improper installations can quickly turn a very simple plan into a very expensive one.

Longo, your single VFD source provides:
  • New equipment sales
  • Installation of single units or complete turnkey drive systems
  • On site, 24/7, service to troubleshoot, repair and maintain your drives
  • Rewind, rebuild and upgrade your inverter duty motors
  • Experience in applications for all major industries
  • Payback analysis
Distributor and authorized service for Cutler-Hammer Siemens Lenze AC-Tech


BJM Industrial Submersible Pumps
For Delivery, Price and Performance

Slurry Pumps
Hardened components protect against the wear and abuse from slurry pumping.
  • Every KZN model is constructed with 28% chrome iron
  • High chrome agitator keeps solids suspended, prevents clogging
  • Double silicon-carbide mechanical seals
  • Volutes cast in extra thick Ductile iron (300 Brinnell hardness)
  • Ideal for difficult pumping:
    • Lime and slag slurries
    • Ash, mill scale, coal, silt
    • Food, washdowns
Shreddar Pumps
This is the one you've heard stories about. It rips, tears, and breaks up plastics,metals and fibrous solids.
  • Impeller with hard sharpened tungsten carbide "tooth" shreds solids against the suction plate "teeth".
  • Continuously rips solids apart with 360 degree action
  • Deal where lift pumps encounter all sorts of debris and garbage that clog normal pumps:
    • Schools, arenas, malls, prisons
    • Industrial parks, bottling plants, dairies
    • Hospitals, food/meat processing, wash down
  • Available from 95 to 911 GPM and Max Head of 46' to 101'
  • Available in cast iron, 304 and 316 stainless steel
316 S/S Pumps
BJM ..X.. Series are stainless steel versions of their various popular pumps.
  • Weld free 316 stainless steel using precise investment castings
  • All wear and "wet" parts in S/S
  • Double mechanical seals
  • Resists the corrosive liquids that destroy cast iron pumps:
    • Solvents, adhesives, paints
    • Detergents, pesticides, fertilizer
    • Blood, alcohol, juice
  • Learn how the "X" series can actually save you money over cast iron pumps
Longo's Pump Team can assist you in choosing not only the most effective pump, but also the most efficient pump for your situation. Our expertise starts with engineering recomendations and ends with a smooth and trouble-free intallation.

From 5 hp to huge 500 hp motor/pump assemblies, the margin of error can make or break a job and that is where Longo makes the difference.

You can trust Longo's ''from line to load" capability to provide you with the best service possible.

FS Curtis Air Compressors
The "Non-Disposable" Air Compressors

If you run 'em to death, then buy another cheap one, run 'em to death, buy another cheap one... think again.

FS Curtis rotary screw air compressors are built in America and they are built to last (Crazy idea, right?). The components are tougher, run cooler, run dryer, better lubricated and they're quieter!

Due to eCool technology motors, electrical harnesses, bearings, hoses and seals have a service life 30 to 50% longer.

These compressors don't cost more...they just last longer.

Red Dog Emergency Service

The industries best...EMERGENCY 24/7 SERVICE

Put this number in your phone now...

When all hell breaks loose, every minute counts


  • 15 minute response time
  • 24 Service vehicles ready to respond
  • Fully trained and experienced technicians
  • Up to 40, Sandy tested tough, technicians if the emergency approaches catastrophic size
  • Four strategically located servicenter locations
  • Inventory of most commonly needed equipment
  • Customer Service contacts with prime vendors to expedite equipment deliveries

5 Year Warranty

The Methods and Materials That Contribute to Longo's Superior Windings

Longo's Five Year Warranty* on above NEMA motors goes beyond standard motor rewinds warranties to provide you with superior value. Our carefully developed specifications are complimented by outstanding craftsmanship, today's most advanced equipment, testing, and documentation to assure optimum performance.

The Longo difference can mean longer equipment life, greater efficiency, lower maintenance costs, improved productivity and less downtime.

See why all rewinds are not the same.
Longo has increased its warranty period to 5 years* on above NEMA motor rewinds. After examining how our rewound motors have stood up in the field, it made sense to provide this increased warranty period. You can be confident that the motors you need rewound will receive the best repairs in the industry - we're standing behind them.

  1. Upon receipt, complete electrical and mechanical fault testing is done and the technical data is permanently recorded.
  2. Computer verification is done for all winding design parameters.
  3. The stator windings are roasted in a state-of-the art, temperature controlled oven equipped with a water-suppression system.
  4. Core Loss testing is performed before and after to ensure efficiencies do not deteriorate by the pyrolyzation process. Infrared camera for thermal imaging of any hot spots.
  5. Every coil is tightly braced and turbine ties utilized to prevent mechanical migration of the coils.
  6. All insulation materials are Class H system (356°F)
  7. All internal connections are fused with silver brazing rod.
  8. Multiple surge rings provide extraordinary mechanical restraint.
  9. Motor windings are vacuum pressure impregnated with Temperflex epoxy resin which provides superior electrical, mechanical and environmental strength, as well as excellent thermal resiliency. Capable of water immersion testing.
  10. Documentation is retained for 7 years.
* Electrical motors rewound in Longo Servicenter, and, when operated in accordance with nameplate ratings and application conditions consistent with the design enclosures of the unit. 5 year period begins on date of shipment. All other terms apply.

NEMA Premium, 841 & Explosion Proof Motors

At first glance, they're basic motors, but look inside and see the Siemens touch that sets them apart.

Siemens has taken three of the industry's staples and applied their technology to exceed the standards of construction, producing a superior "basic" motor

NEMA Premium, NEMA Premium® Efficiency IEEE 841 and explosion proof severe duty motors exceed IEEE 841-2001 standards for energy efficiency, high performance, variable speed operation, rugged construction and long service life for the most demanding applications. They are ideal for use in chemical processing, mining, foundry, pulp and paper, waste management, and petro/chemical applications.

Frame & End Shields - Cast iron construction for exceptional structural integrity with condensation T-drains. Rotor - Unique offset rotor bar design provides improved efficiency, larger bars and end rings reduce resistance for lower rotor losses. Each die cast aluminum rotor assembly is precision balanced to ISO G1.0 for extended bearing life, and includes a high-strength carbon steel (C1045) shaft for maximum rotor performance. Stator/Windings - Premium electrical grade steel laminations and copper electrical magnet wire lower losses/improved efficiencies. A unique stator core design lowers flux density increasing cooling capacity. Large conductor cross section reduces resistance, lowering stator losses.

Insulation - Proprietary inverter-rated Class F non-hygroscopic insulation system with NEMA Class B temperature rise, provides an extra margin of thermal life. Varnish system ensures protection from moisture, corrosion and electrical shock. This insulation system meets or exceeds NEMA MG1-2003, Part 31 making all motors suitable for operation with variable frequency drives. Cooling - A bi-directional, non-sparking fan is locked and keyed to the shaft. Its low-inertia design reduces windage losses, improves airflow, reduces noise and provides dependable cooling. Bearings - Regreasable, oversized single shielded with cast iron inner caps. Inpro/Seal® bearing isolators are standard on both bearing housings. Lubrication - A specially formulated, high temperature tested, polyurea-based grease provides more than four times the lubrication life of other polyurea greases. Oversized Conduit Box - Larger than industry standards, diagonally-split, neoprene gasketed and rotatable in 90º increments for quick and easy connections. Corrosion Resistance - Cast iron construction, zinc-plated hardware, epoxy enamel paint and embossed stainless steel nameplate resist rust and corrosion. Modifiable - All Siemens motors are available with a wide variety of modifications to meet your specific motor needs.

Inverter Duty Motor Rewinds

Specify the Longo Engineered Inverter Duty Rewind (SURGE SHIELD ™) System for your inverter motors which are (or better be) used on all adjustable speed drive (ASD) applications. Modern solid state drives use pulse width modulation (PWM) to vary the voltage/frequency ratio. But PWM drives using IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) switching generate a wave form spike up to 2000 volts which can damage the stator winding! Longo's exclusive SURGE SHIELD ™ winding system is backed-up by our 3 year warranty. This means that your inverter motor can run safely and reliably in the face of repetitive up to 20,000 per second voltage surges.
  • Inverter-Duty magnet wire resists high frequency pulses, i.e. spikes
  • Increased insulation:
    • to ground
    • on coils and end turns
    • between phases
    • between turns
  • VPI - with epoxy resin
  • Special impregnation process to exclude voids in insulation - the real "CULPRIT"
  • End turns get special bracing
  • Coils are interlaced
  • DuPont's class "H" NOMEX® Throughout
Three year electrical warranty (Alpha-Gamma™) applies on all NEMA frame rewinds

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