SCADA/VFD Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Variable Frequency Drives

Thankfully, the days of the traditional data panel are fading fast. The application of SCADA to waste water and other facilities has been a given for years. While some are more rudimentary than others, today's systems are light years ahead of just 5 years ago.

Longo has been immersed in the service, repair and replacement of components in the body of these plants for years. Now we are working with our customers on the "brain" as well.

The possibilities or complexity of SCADA systems are just about endless. Savings in manpower, chemical usage, maintenance, etc. are well established. Aside from the day to day management of the various systems, the data obtained is readily available to chart your long term trends on a specific piece of equipment or an entire section of the facility. It would be a sheer waste not to employ all that data being collected.

In keeping with Longo's "line to load" concept, Longo can provide a full range of VFD's from basic controls to sophisticated custom programmed units. Our experience with VFD's and other controls means we can tailor a unit to a very tight series of specifications. The end result is increased productivity while realizing substantial energy savings. Just a 20% reduction in speed will provide energy savings of 50%. Longo payback studies provide the necessary financial data to make these investments not just feasible, but vital.

Longo's engineering staff can evaluate your current SCADA system and provide you with ideas on maximizing your protection as well as all the data you are accumulating.

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