Switchgear Sales & Service

Control of low and medium voltage power is vital to maintain safety and continuity. Switchgear can be deceptively benign. Testing components is the only way to ensure they will operate as designed when needed. Failure to function can be extremely dangerous and costly.

Without testing, switchgear is a dangerous unknown. Failure to trip can be catastrophic in loss of equipment, production and even loss of life. Once a defect is found, Longo is able to recondition the unit to like new condition.

Longo's extensive experience in the testing, repair and replacement of switchgear is a step above. To begin with, Longo has the expertise to tackle the repair of older units from sourcing impossible to find parts through reverse engineering parts and components. Our technicians have repaired most every type of switchgear still operating. When a repair is no longer possible, we have access to the best "plug and play" units designed and built to literally slide in to replace older worn out units.

Maximize Your System Continuity with Longo Control Advantages...
  • Switchgear up to 30,000 volts including circuit breakers and transformers
  • Complete vacuum breaker replacement units with simple installation
  • Remote racking systems for the latest in safe testing and removal
  • Digital load monitors protect against over/under load situations
Distributors for: Eaton, Siemens
  • Cleaning and testing of switchgear units
  • In-shop and on-site repairs along with complete equipment evaluation
  • Complete unit replacement
  • Relay testing
  • Infrared examination
  • Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis
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