The largest family-owned electrical-mechanical business in the Northeast!

LONGO - Over 75 years Experience

The largest family-owned electrical-mechanical business in the Northeast!

LONGO - Over 75 years Experience

Switchgear Service

Switchgear service, repair, and replacement

Control of low and medium voltage power is vital to maintain safety and continuity of electrical systems. While switchgear may seem benign, a failure of the equipment when you need it can be extremely dangerous and costly. Testing switchgear components is the only way to ensure they will operate as designed when needed.

Without testing, switchgear can be dangerous, as a failure can result in a loss of equipment, production, or worse. Longo offers a comprehensive suite of switchgear testing and diagnostics. Once a defect is found, Longo will recondition the unit and certify that it will operate safely when needed.

In a field where much of the equipment is outdated, Longo has sourced impossible to find parts, reverse engineered critical components, and more. When a repair is no longer possible, Longo has access to an extensive inventory of replacement parts that are designed to replace non-performing units.

Specific switchgear service includes:

  • Cleaning and testing of switchgear units
  • In-shop and on-site repairs along with complete equipment evaluation
  • Complete unit replacement
  • Relay testing
  • Infrared examination
  • Arc-Flash Hazard Analysis

New Switchgear

When it becomes necessary to replace switchgear components, Longo will be with you every step of the way. Longo’s Field Service organization will diagnose the issue and recommend the best replacement switchgear on the market. Specifically, Longo carries a full inventory of medium and high voltage switchgear equipment, including circuit breakers and transformers. It can also provide complete vacuum breaker replacement units with simple installation, remote racking systems for the latest in safe testing and removal, and digital load monitors to protect against over/under load situations. Longo’s extensive network of industry-leading OEMs – including Eaton and Siemens – lets Longo offer shorter lead times, so you can get back up and running quickly!

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