Submersible Pumps Are submersible pumps right for dry pit service?

Bearing Failures This series of articles is intended to serve as an aid in identifying the causes of bearing failures and to provide guidance on how to avoid future problems.

Maintain Efficiency When a motor is repaired or rewound, it is crucial that steps taken to maintain efficiency be coordinated. This paper explains motor efficiency, and how not to increase losses during repair.

Retrofitting Drives Two case histories illustrate retrofitting of electric motor and drive systems. The first case is a pump reliability issue, and the second is a solution to a "water-hammer" problem.

Latest Repair Here we consider how computers and advances in data acquisition impact on the motor repair process in a technologically advanced electrical apparatus service center.

Unbalanced Voltages Causes and Consequences. The information presented in this article is intended as a primer on unbalanced voltages that affect electric motors. It concisely addresses the symptoms, causes, effects, and correction.

Motor Vibration Symptom or Disease? Motor vibration is both a symptom and a disease. As a symptom, it is the precursor of trouble. As a disease, it is more widespread than most people are aware of.

Motor Nameplate What does all that extra information on the nameplate mean? Do you care? The answers are "maybe," and "you probably should."

Bearing Symptom Chart Want to know why a bearing failed? We address cause, not just effect. See this chart for bearing failure symptoms, causes and solutions.